Positive Psychology

Every one of us wants to be happy, no matter how we understand happiness. How to achieve it? And what is happiness?

According to the research of professor of psychology at the University of Pennsylvania M. Seligman external circumstances affect no more than 15% of happiness. Bad weather can not spoil our humor if we are satisfied and feel inner balance.

Martin Seligman, in the late nineties of the last century, created a new trend in psychology, derived from humanistic psychology – positive psychology. The new direction has set itself the goal of positive emotions and finding ways to help find happiness and improve the quality of life. This is currently a thriving trend of a scientific psychology. By the time of its inception, psychology was mainly concerned with areas of deficits, pathologies and undertaking “corrective” interventions.

Positive psychology focuses on the individual’s strengths, triggers and deepens positive emotions, develops these strengths, and explores the meaning of human life. This field of psychological knowledge and practice, as a result of scientific research, creates and verifies effective interventions that enhance happiness and well-being.


Low mood

Are you sad for most of the time and few situation can bring you joy in everyday life?


Do you want to undertake or have already undertaken treatment but you need the psychological support of the specialist?

Low self-esteem

Do you consider yourself a person who is worse than others? Can’t you see yourself as a successful person?

Lack of self confidence

Is getting to know a new person a big deal for you? In difficult situations, do you just slip into the shadow?

I also help when it comes to:

emotional problems, feeling “locked in life”,
imbalance between personal and professional life.

Possible benefits of working in the field of positive psychology:

  • Internal peace and sense of inner harmony
  • Experience of well-being and satisfaction in life
  • Increase in optimism, positive thinking
  • Increased self-confidence
  • Healthy self-esteem
  • Ability to name, feel and express emotions
  • Increased emotional and social intelligence
  • Using more your resources (skills, talents, potential)

The cost of an individual session is 150 PLN or 40 EUR
Duration: 60 min
When you buy 3 sessions you get a discount -10%
When you buy 5 sessions you get a discount -15%
You can also sign up for an  on-line session
You can take a session in English

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