Katarzyna Gwiazdowska

My mission is to promote health, inner harmony and peace in the heart.

My name is Katarzyna Gwiazdowska.
I’m a psychologist, trainer and diet coach.

I started working as a university lecturer and business coach, but my heart was always connected with personal and spiritual development. Today I am working in the field of holistic health and restoring the natural harmony of body & spirit.

I lead workshops on personal development. I offer individual consultations related to changing eating habits, psychological counseling, and Soul Body Fusion sessions. I also organize expeditions abroad where we combine leisure with spiritual development.
Working with women has a special place in my heart. I lead women’s circles, psychological and spiritual retreats, detox programs, oriental dance workshops and Soul Body Fusion workshops for women in Malta. At these workshops we work with self-esteem, acceptance of ourselves and our bodies, emotional intelligence and personal development.

In addition, I translate consecutively and simultaneously from English to Polish workshops of foreign teachers.

My education


In the years 2002-2003 I studied in Paris at Universite Paris X Nanterre for an academic year, where I did research for my Master thesis on stereotypes and cultural prejudices.


I graduated from the School of Social Psychology in Warsaw in the field of intercultural psychology.

I graduated from the School of Psychological Training and Workshop and in 2011 from Interpersonal Training Course at the ‘INTRA’ Center of Psychological Education and Aid.


I graduated from post-graduate studies of diet coaching at the School of Social Psychology in Warsaw.


2017 –  I completed a training of the blood drop test  in the bright field of vision and received the title of medical analysis technician

Who were my teachers?

I have learned from many outstanding teachers in Poland and abroad, including: Ewa Foley (annual Institute for Conscious Life, assisting in detox and personal development workshops in the years 2009 – 2016), Joy Manne (Hellinger Systemic Constellations , work with internal critic 2012) Jonette Crowley (Soul Body Fusion teacher training 2015), David Neenan (Business & You 2015) Mattie Davis-Wolfe and David Thompson (shamanic workshops), Dr. Saurabh Pardeshi and Dr. Lita Das (Ayurveda, 2013 – 2016) Shachar Caspi (Art of Love 2016 – 2017).

Professional Experience

From 2007 to 2010 I worked as a lecturer at the Department of Psychology at the College of Finance and Management in Warsaw. At the same time from 2007 to 2013, I worked as a business coach in the field of communication, teamwork, leadership, and conflict resolution.
In the years 2013 – 2016 I was a manager at the Health Promotion Center in Taraska in Poland, where I dealt with the management and development of the Ayurvedic Center. From 2012 I lead personal development workshops, detox programs, diet coaching and from 2015 I teach also Soul Body Fusion workshops and give SBF individual sessions.



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