Holistic detox program

I invite you to a fascinating journey through your body, mind, emotions and spirit. During this journey you will cleanse not only your body,
but also different spheres of life.

Holistic cleansing of body, emotion, mind and spirit.

The holistic cleansing program is designed for women for whom health and natural beauty are important. During this workshop you will strengthen the vital forces of your body and stimulate its original self-cleansing and self-healing abilities. Every day, your body is exposed to many negative factors – poor nutrition, stressful lifestyle, pollution, suppressed emotions. As a result, you can have mood swings, feel general fatigue or depression. Just clean your body of toxins to gain lightness, regain vitality and keep your mind sharp. After cleansing the body, work on emotional and spiritual development becomes more effective.

I invite you to a fascinating journey inward, during which you will learn more about your thoughts and behavior related to food, and you will verify your beliefs about yourself and your body. The purpose of this trip is to permanently change your eating habits with a nice side effect that will be a slim and healthy body. Not the other way around.


A new level of enthusiasm, vitality and wellbeing

Lots of strength and vital energy

Beautiful silhouette, radiant complexion, brigtness in the eyes

Joy of life and satisfaction

You will learn how to take care of your inner harmony

You will learn how to read information from your body

You will learn how to deal with stress and relax

You will get to know the healing power of breath, hatha yoga and meditation

Strong immune system, radiant health, well-being

Significant body rejuvenation

You can earn even more!

However, you will discover it by yourself while attending the workshop

What will you lose during the detox program?

  • A few kilograms and lots of toxins
  • Fatigue and dissatisfaction with your body
  • Stress and tensions in the body
  • Energetic blockages
  • Discouragement and lethargy

What is a holistic method of cleansing?

In a holistic approach the body is treated as a whole. Both body and mind, emotions and spirit are part of the same miraculous mechanism. Therefore, different methods are used during this program that affect these areas. In order to eliminate toxins from the body we use fresh fruit and vegetable juices, homeopathy, herbs, vitamins, clay, hydrocolonotherapy (colon cleansing). The program will also include daily morning meditation, yoga, marches and walks at the seaside, dance, relaxation and breathing techniques, lectures and practical exercises. There will also be time for rest. Health, vitality, joy of life and better health will be your natural state from now on!

  • My wife went to Mrs Kasia when she was in a difficult condition, she was almost unable to walk. She was suffering from lupus, she had terrible pain in joints and throughout her body ... This is an autoimmune disease that attacks connective tissue. Mrs. Kasia suggested her a detox program. She had previously tried a lot of conventional medicine therapies and unfortunately nothing helped. Angela never believed in such natural methods, but after talking with Mrs. Kasia she said that she wanted to try. She was very determined, drank all the herbs and juices. For the first three days she felt even worse, but she persevered seven days. Then she started slowly to eat and imagine that A WEEK AFTER THE DETOX PROGRAM ALL SYMPTOMS OF HER DISEASE DISAPPEARED. IT WAS LIKE A MIRACLE. She began to gain strength, got up first from the bed, began to deal with three of our children, she returned to work (she didn’t work for two years!). Today she replaces me at work so that I can come to you today. I do not even know how to express my gratitude ....?

    Piotr Bydgoszcz
  • I came to the detox program led by Kasia when I was depressed and I had severe allergies. I weighed 84 kg, my spine hurt, I felt pain in legs and head. I had constipation and terrible abdominal pain. Blood tests showed anemia. I felt like an older lady and I was only 36 years old. I have done preparations for the detox carefully and strictly according to the instructions. I excluded some products. The worst was sugar, because my minimum was 3-4 chocolate bars at night. But I managed. Detox was strong for me, sometimes difficult, but I came back renewed and lighter by 12 kg, also counting the preparation period. Today I weigh 54 kg, during the whole year I lost 30 kg without the yo-yo effect. I am calmer, more mindful, concentrated, without depression or allergy. I run up the stairs, I rush every morning to the bus, nothing hurt me anymore. Thank you Kasia for your input in my process.

    Kasia Munich, Germany





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