Soul Body Fusion®

Soul Body Fusion® in a simple and gentle way will uplift you to a higher level of consciousness, strengthen your intuition and make your spiritual and physical aspects more connected.
This will give you an access to the highest wisdom and knowledge that are in you.

When can Soul Body Fusion® help?

You do not know what way in life to go.

You are at the crossroads of life, you feel an imbalance in your life.

You feel lost

You have the impression that you should have more energy, better health, but you can not achieve it.

You feel unhappy

You have low self-esteem, you experience depression, you often get sick.

You want to develop your intuition

You want to fully develop your potential and gain inner guidance.

You want to experience fullness

You want to fully develop your potential in all areas of your life

You want to expand

You want to experience new, higher, deeper dimensions of yourself

Choose the form of work which suits you best:


The cost of an individual session is 150 PLN or 40 EUR
Duration: 90 min
When you buy 3 sessions you get a discount -10%
When you buy 5 sessions you get a discount -15%
You can also sign up for an on-line session


I invite you to a one-day workshop
(Saturdays from 10:00 am – to 6:00 pm).
In Warsaw, Poland
Cost of the workshop 350 PLN or 90 EUR per person


What does Soul Body Fusion® give?


many spiritual traditions say…

Soul Body Fusion® helps you to find these answers and discover an inner guide that will lead you through the meanders of life. Thanks to it you will have better access to your intuition, make better decisions, deal with private and professional life in a more harmonious way.


with the highest possible energy that it can hold.

The changes are permanent and endless as our cells change to tune into higher frequencies of the soul. They are endless, because the soul has no boundaries. This beautiful synchronization of the spiritual and physical aspects of us occurs at the quantum level.


Piotr from Warsaw

Thanks to SBF I can communicate directly with my soul. It is a return to the One who I am, or the return to the Truth. Return to Myself. Return to Home. Return to True Nature.

  • I recommend Soul Body Fusion workshops to anyone looking for a light in the tunnel. Anyone who walks the path of self development and seeks to calm the mind. Now I know the answer to my question: What shall I do with my life? It's obvious now. Do Soul Body Fusion, listen to my soul, "meditate on the cliffs." I do not remember when I last felt such a power in myself and in the group.

    Wiola from Gdańsk
  • Thanks to SBF I can communicate directly with my soul. It is a return to the One who I am, or the return to the Truth. Return to Myself. Return to Home. Return to True Nature

    Piotr from Warsaw
  • For me SBF was an incredible experience of love, gratitude, joy and inner peace. Extraordinary feeling of an enormous power. For the first time in my life I experienced the unity of the body and the spirit. The light that appears in my heart will always be shining. Kasia thank you for your professionalism and warmth.

    Dagmara from Warsaw
  • It was a good time for me. I touched the areas of my psyche, which I do not look at everyday. I think I will finally close and say goodbye to the past. Now I am open to new experiences (...). Thank you Kasia for your work with women. Thanks to it we have more chances to achieve self-fulfillment. I realized what a fantastic power was in me!

    Magda from Kielce
  • I did not know that quantum leaps and transformations can take place in an instant, "just like that", with so much ease and lightness! I would strongly recommend this workshop to anyone who is courageous enough to live his or her life to the fullest!

    Ania from Cracow
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