Diet coaching

Thanks to the support of a diet coach you will change your eating habits and
you will permanently reduce unnecessary kilograms (without the yo-yo effect).
You will work with motivation and beliefs, recognize the causes and mechanisms of overeating which often have a mental and / or emotional background.
You will achieve slim silhouette and strengthen your health.

Different approach

I want to propose you a different approach in which diet is understood as a way of eating – not losing weight. It is the part of a whole healthy lifestyle in which physical activity, balanced emotions, and positive mind support the weight loss process.
A well-balanced diet can be an abundant diet that provide the body with the best possible nutrients in order to stay healthy. Then the slim silhouette is a “nice side effect” of the whole lifestyle.
I invite you to a fascinating journey inward, where you will learn more about your thoughts and behavior related to food and will verify your beliefs about yourself and your body. The purpose of this trip is to permanently change your eating habits with a nice side effect that will be slim and healthy. Not the other way around.


Why do we eat more when we are stressed?

Why do we eat too much and not very healthy when we experience difficulties?

What causes most diets to be ineffective in the long period of time?

Why do people who used a diet come back to their weight or gain even more weight?

How permanently change our eating habits?

How can we enjoy healthy eating and don’t consider it to be „untasty, weird or difficult to cook”?

How to live a healthy lifestyle?

Especially when we are busy and we don’t have enough time for anything?

It is worthwhile to consider: what do I try to replace by eating? Maybe something I’m afraid of?
Why I don’t want to feel what I actually feel and I want to reduce the tension with food or drink? What we will discover can be really interesting and help us to change bad eating habits

Each of us has his/her own rituals related to food. I know people who love to start the day with a cup of coffee. There are also those for whom Sunday dinner must necessarily consist of two dishes, of which the second must be the cutlet, potatoes and salad. Some people like to have a bowl of crisps when they watch TV. They are most relaxed by crunching snacks and watching comedies. Others once a week go to their favorite cafe where they order their favorite coffee with their favorite cake. After the first sip they already feel like their entire body is filled with delight. Having eaten the cake, they are already in heaven …
So if we suddenly introduce a restrictive diet it is no doubt that some part of us will be very rebellious and will fight for the restoration of “old and familiar” habits. Every change of eating style can cause a small (or large) revolution in the mind and emotions. We will look closer to what is really happening and how we can more easily and successfully go through the process.

What benefits will you gain during consultations and regular work with a diet coach:

  • Identifying causes of overeating
  • Reduction of kilograms
  • Higher self-esteem
  • Better motivation to live a healthy life-style
  • Health education
  • Change of eating habits

Choose the form of work which suits you best:


The cost of an individual session is 150 PLN or 40 EUR
Duration: 60min
When you buy 3 sessions you get a discount -10%
When you buy 5 sessions you get a discount -15%
You can also sign up for an on-line session


I invite you to a one-day workshop
(Saturdays from 10:00 am – to 6:00 pm).
In Warsaw, Poland
Cost of the workshop 350 PLN or 90 EUR per person

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